my favorite illustrator series: carl larsson

Carl Larsson was a Swedish illustrator during the Arts and Crafts movements. His incredible paintings provide tastes of rich family life out in nature and in the home.

The traditional Swedish color palette paired with renderings of Larsson’s cultural and familial traditions are magical. He truly elevates and enriches our experience of the every day. One of my favorite things about his paintings is the way he deals with light.

Whether it’s the soft, natural light from a window or the warm glow of a lamp, Larsson’s understanding of light and shadow is impeccable. The paintings featured here are all watercolor. 

I am always amazed at Larsson’s draughtsmanship. He manages to be insanely precise while still preserving a dynamism in his figures. His choice of color and hue vibrates through each image. There really is a type of Carl Larsson cult. If someone knows this artist, she is probably mildly obsesses with him and it is unlikely that she won’t have a number of his prints on her walls. Despite the fact that many ardent Larsson lovers do exist (and often find each other) I am amazed this artist is not better known and celebrated.

I share about him here in the hopes that many more can step into his delightful paintings and return refreshed by his artistic vision of the world.

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